Roma in Notebook film poster
Notebook is a film that was based on the friendship of three school girls who were studying in a boarding school and also how they face some critical situations that happens in their lives. The film was released in the year 2006 and was directed by Rosshan Andrrews and written by Robby Sanjay. The star roles in this film were captured by Roma Asrani, Parvathy Menon, Mariya Roy and Sooraj a youngster. The story begins with the deep relationship between the three girls at school – Sarah Elizabeth, Pooja Krishna and Sridevi – all studying class 12. Of which Sridevi engages in a relationship with Sooraj a college-mate. First sight Sarah and Pooja were not agreed with the relation but seeing that he is sincere to her they agreed to it. Then the relationship changes the movement of the story in an irreversible manner – Sridevi got pregnant from Sooraj during an excursion to Goa. The three girls kept the news secretly between themselves. They come to the conclusion of getting an abortion done. They went out of the school and convinced a doctor make the things done. But unfortunately Sridevi died due to heavy loss of blood. Situations went wrong and unhandled for the little girls. They flee from the hospital and surrendered to the school principal who was very strict. He took action against her and debarred her from the school. Pooja don't supported her on which Sarah got angry upon her. In the climax Sarah came to know that the incident made Pooja paralyzed and she needs her help. The story was more touching. It has got the maximum likes from the audience as well. 

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